Resisting Dismissal

Resisting Dismissal in the Gàidhealtachd – essay on Gael identity by Gordon Camshron (paywall)

What Makes a Gael?

‘What makes a Gael? Identity, language and ancestry in the Scottish Gàidhealtachd’ by Bechhofer and McCrone (Paywall)


A Scottish Gaelic Methodology to guide Self-Decolonization and Conceptualising a Kin-centric and Relational Approach to Community-Led Research by Paul J Meighan

Decolonising Your Practice

Top 10 tips to start decolonising your practice. Blog post by Tehmina Goskar / Curatorial Research Centre

Decolonising Glossary

‘Decolonising Glossary’ – document developed by the Curatorial Research Centre

Uile Gu Lèir / Vision

Uile Gu Lèir / Vision by Alasdair C. MacIlleBhàin (Whyte). A poem. Original Gaelic version and English translation available.

Cisteachan-Laighe / Coffins

Cisteachan-Laighe / Coffins by Ruaraidh MacThòmas. A reflection on the pain and grief of linguistic and cultural loss. Original Gaelic version and English translation available.

Emergence Magazine

Emergence Magazine – online (and print) magazine with lots of pieces on colonisation, decolonising, language, land etc. in various creative mediums.

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